MY OWN WEDDING FILM in Crest, France

I can honestly say, it was totally bizarre to be on other side of the camera on a wedding day. After filming so many brides having wedding day jitters before the big moment, I finally had a chance to feel what that was really like! I get it now—after all that planning, you just want everything to be perfect.

I was pretty anxious getting ready but once I heard those drums, all my stress went away. And when I saw my guy, then all my friends and family in the most beautiful location in the middle of France on a perfectly sunny Saturday, I was JUST PLAIN HAPPY! The rest of the day went off amazingly (with stupid little things that could have been done differently but at the end of the day, IT DIDN'T MATTER). Seeing all the smiling faces, hearing amazing music, laughing, crying, dancing, drumming... it was all just AAAHHHHH!

We had the great fortune of our super 8 cinematographer extraordinaire Tatiana filming the festivities and she did an incredible job capturing the mood and the magic. There's just something about super 8 film that takes you right back to that moment, whether you were there or not. It draws you into it's subtleties and nuances creating perfect nostalgia for remembering and experiencing a moment in time. FILM LIVES!

Here are the highlights of our intimate destination celebration in the Drôme region of France. Credits: Venue La Cour de Crest | Photography Marjorie Prvl | Music Marian Badoi Trio | Catering Gastronhome | Dress Chotronette