Promo Video

Yoga + Scuba Dive Philippines retreat promo video

I had the absolute honor to journey to the Philippines in October to document a yoga and scuba diving retreat run by the amazing adventure company Shift + See. As a certified scuba diver, this was a dream job! It was my first time in the Philippines and I was blown away not only by the beauty of the islands and exquisite sea life but also by the incredible warmth and friendliness of the people. Staying at the dive resort Buceo Anilao was ideal... from the perfect diving conditions to the beautiful surroundings to the amazing food and wonderful staff, our whole group felt incredibly lucky to be a part of something so special.

And now, in collaboration with Shift + See, we are offering visual media content for other yoga retreats, retreat centers and online teacher trainings worldwide.  See the promo video of our adventures in paradise: 

Camp Go Away

My awesome photo friends Chellise & Michael hosted an getaway for photographers last summer and I had the pleasure to capture some of the magic on video. Camp Go Away is a retreat to connect with other like-minded individuals, play and experiment with cameras in nature. Here's a glimpse of what ensued when 25+ wedding photographers left the city for a country escape...

WeWork Summer Camp

WeWork is like the coolest community ever. They take awesome old building in cities all over and transform them into amazing co-working spaces for creatives. Their motto is "do what you love"... how perfect is that?

AND they also host really cool events, one of which is their annual Summer Camp. Tons of like-minded individuals take over the camp at Raquette Lake for the weekend in upstate New York to partake in fun summer activities, hang out, network and parrrrrrty! Check out some highlights from last year's "best weekend ever"..