Happy Clients: Heather & Greg

Great feedback is our favorite thing! Here's a recent note from a verrrrry happy bride:

I can hardly begin to describe the glowing, feedback we've gotten from our families on the video. Greg, who can be a tough critic, went totally wild for it, and everyone else is just gobsmacked, overwhelmed, and overjoyed. Every single person cries and laughs and remarks on how sensitively and beautifully you guys captured our wedding. I, myself, have already watched it heaps of times, and I'm not remotely tired of it! ;) I know it's my wedding, so I'm obviously biased, but I truly think it's the best wedding film I've ever seen, and that build near the end of the dancing and laughter is simply incredible. I would challenge anyone, friend or stranger, not to smile while watching that. You really did such a tremendous job, and we cannot thank you enough. Just perfect.

Laura & Peter: Shelburne Farms, Vermont

It makes our hearts sing when couples hire us to film their wedding completely on super 8 film. Little know fact: our company got it's start shooting exclusively on film in an effort to keep this most gorgeous and pure medium alive! Even though we use digital cameras as well, we still have an affinity for our trusty vintage super 8 cameras. Composing a shot, waiting for just the right moment to pull that trigger and the whir of the motor just feels so darn good. And then to see results like these... grainy, light-filled beauty! The memories and good feelings from the day just come flooding back. WE LOVE IT. Take a peak at Laura & Peter's most magical wedding on the most gorgeous property on the most perfect summer day. Their love truly radiates on film. 

Venue: Shelburne Farms Photographer: Christina Bernales 

Featured: Rustic Hilltop wedding in Drôme

I'm pretty friggin' excited to share my very own French destination wedding on the wonderful wedding blog, French Wedding Style. It just looks so pretty as a featured post and it brings back all the amazing feelings from the day. Take a look at Marjorie's stunning images and our very own super 8 film by clicking here