Using gorgeous vintage film & modern digital technology, we transport you back to a place and time that you will love experiencing again and again. We are excited to offer our clients either pure super 8 for the film lovers out there or digital video for you modern lovers (or a combo of both for the best of both worlds). Please take a peak at some of our examples to see what format speaks to you. 

Film Lovers (super 8)

Super 8 film is our favorite medium to capture the true spirit of wedding celebrations. Real film has a magical quality that creates instant nostalgia with a timeless feel, ideal for reliving your wedding day. Plus, it's just really really pretty and makes everyone look gorgeous! Click through thumbnails below to view samples or email us for more super 8 films.

Modern Lovers (digital HD video)

Though our clients love the beauty of super 8 film, some want a modern cinematic look along with audio clips captured. So we offer digital HD video or a combination of HD with super 8 film. Click through thumbnails below to view samples or email us for more digital films.