Creating films that are enjoyed and shared with others is what excites us most. That and traveling the world, tasting good food, laughing with friends, seeing brilliant films, listening to awesome music, being in love... you get the drift. Formerly known as Hello Super 8, we made a name for ourselves creating super 8 wedding films for many happy clients from near and far. With the introduction of digital cinema into our work, we changed our name (ever so slightly) to Hello Super Studios. Several years later, we are still proudly making movies that people love to watch and share.




Using gorgeous vintage film & modern digital technology, we transport you back to a place and time that you will love experiencing again and again. We are excited to offer our clients either pure super 8 for the film lovers out there or digital video for you modern lovers (or a combo of both for the best of both worlds). Please take a peak at some of our examples to see what format speaks to you. 



This whole endeavor began with dusting off an old super 8 camera to film a good friend's wedding back in 2007, just for fun. Since then, our little company has been filming weddings and events, capturing the stories of countless cool couples & companies from NYC to Malibu, London to Cannes, The Bahamas and Tuscany. Whether it's your wedding day, fashion shoot or promotional film, we create captivating experiences that move you and your audience. We think our work shows our love, dedication and continued excitement for what we do. We hope you see that too.